Local municipalities have recently been starting to require fulfilling the requirements for solar irradiance while building or reconstructing dwellings. What is insolation?

In short, solar irradiance or insolation is one’s right to sunlight.

In living spaces, according to the standard EVS 894:2008+A2:2015 in the Republic of Estonia, uninterrupted insolation must be provided from April 22 to August 22 every year for three hours a day. In blocks of high-rise buildings, insolation can be cut off once during a day, but in that case summative insolation must be provided for at least 3.5 hours.

When drafting new buildings, insolation must not decrease in living spaces in the owner’s and neighbouring properties by more than 50%. To fill the given standard, we recommend that real estate developers order a insolation analysis early on from TIB OÜ. We will perform calculations on the duration of insolation and in more complex cases, create a 3D simulation. References of completed works can be found here (in Estonian).